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voice_of_vision 'Breaking the Paradigm' [EP] (DISCONTINUED)

voice of vision 'breaking the paradigm'

This collection of avant-garde industrial music contains a speculative & cautionary narrative relating to artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and draconian mind-control... Furthermore, it is intended to represent resistance in the face of repressive powers that infringe upon civil liberties. It is a reminder that freedom is not free - and that liberty & equality should be protected at all cost.

Special thanks: Dr. R. Vaughan, M. Kern, Professor M. Deragon, J. Taylor (JT), and N. Deflaminis for your time & knowledge.




voice_of_vision was an avant-garde electro-industrial band (active from 2004-2007), established to accompany various artistic endeavors led by multimedia artist T.E. Oliver (music production & interactive art), along with guest appearances from musician Dr. R. Vaughan (guitars).

The project initially appeared in 2004, releasing a handful of demos, underground limited preview CD's, and digital interactive art - drawing strong influences from the early origins of industrial music, as well as various post-industrial sub-genres. Visual, lyrical & conceptual inspiration stemmed from tech noir / cyberpunk / dystopian sci-fi themes & aesthetics, surrealism, philosophy, cybernetics, paranormal investigation, and metaphysical phenomena - designed to stimulate deep intellectual thought, often expressed through shock value & transgressive messages that speak out against cyclic social injustice.

Inspired by the likes of Front Line Assembly, and the 1982 film Blade Runner.

K E Y   H I S T O R I C A L   E V E N T S

Music production was conducted by T.E. Oliver at Cyber-Thriller Studios from 2004-2007 for the purpose of creative expression & intellectual exploration. Areas of contribuition included: vocal / lyrical production, synthesis, sampling, sequencing, arranging, effects processing, visual design, motion art, concept development, and creative direction.

Guitar performances were executed by Dr. R. Vaughan in 2004 & 2005. These recordings were integrated into various musical compositions during early phases of the project.

Collaboration with artist/ musician M. Kern (guitars & keyboards) during the summer of 2005 & 2006 led to the creation of unfinished material entitled 'Digital Martyr'. This collection of music was never released due to irreconcilable differences.

In December 2006, various VOV tracks made their public debut as auditory components to Cyber-Thriller Studios: Psymortis. The gallery exhibition served as a capstone for higher education, showcasing over 20+ multimedia art pieces, speaking to human-machine interaction & the social implications of speculative technological integration.

Several EP's and singles were later released & distributed via independent label Radio-Active-Music. All releases were eventually retracted due to a decision by T.E. Oliver that the material was 'not fully realized' and in some cases 'did not adequately align with the original creative vision of the project & its core principles'.

Following this intervention, a revised 6-track EP 'Breaking the Paradigm' was independently re-released via Cyber-Thriller Studios as the official, singular, and final creative output from voice_of_vision.



A B O U T   T H E   M U S I C

The below provides insight into the creative process, concepts, and inspiration behind the work, as well as a brief description of events and associated art projects that led to the creation of 'Breaking the Paradigm'.

The track "MK ULTRA (Human Target: Identified)" was originally built in the spring of 2005 as a soundscape to an online digital interactive art experience. A variation of the track, along with other experimental VOV tracks, became the musical score for the underground surrealist-inspired film "Quench of the Cleanser & the Transparent Passenger" (a college art project developed in collaboration with artist SR Sopha during the spring semester of 2006). Lyrical content was inspired by surrealist imagery, pseudoscience, metaphysical exploration, and shocking true historical events involving human experimentation (see MKUltra).

"Mechanized Menticide (Dark Psychological Manipulation)" was a track created in the spring of 2006 as a 'process paper' for Surrealism & Rebellion (a course taught by Professor M. Deragon). Lyrical content was derived through the use of surrealist methodologies - resulting in a deciphered codex that lashes out against unethical practices related to capitalistic greed, consumerism, and the use of immoral psychological techniques that ultimately enslave the consumer. This concept of veiled coercion through the use of subliminal messaging, false pretense, product addiction - among other abhorrent acts of mechanized-menticide - is referred to in the track as the 'drone machine', furthermore expressed as a 'process of dehumanization'.

The track "Ov the Cybernetic" was developed in the fall of 2006 as the counterpart to a deconstruction/ reconstruction art installation. Lyrical content was crafted with the intent to provoke conversation & intellectual debate around the controversial topic of transhumanism and what it means to be 'human'. It should be noted that voice_of_vision does not take an official stance on the topic, but rather encourages the listener to ponder on the potential benefits, and the potential negative ramifications of such technological integrations.

"Resist the Command (Escape from Lab 09)" Created in the summer of 2004, this track is intended to represent human empowerment in the face of oppressive forces that threaten liberty & equality. Inspiration stems from George Orwell's 1984, and the 1963 Milgram Experiment.

"Codex Deciphered (The Transcommunication Device)" & "Psychotronic Experimentation" were surrealist-inspired instrumental soundscapes created in the spring of 2006 as 'process papers' for the college course Surrealism & Rebellion. These tracks also appeared on the musical score for the underground film "Quench of the Cleanser & the Transparent Passenger".



T H E   F U T U R E


Following the disbandment of the voice_of_vision project, T.E. Oliver embarked on a quest to perfect his craft, expand his knowledge, and explore new forms of art - specifically in the realm of sound design, analog synthesis, hardware synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, effect units, digital audio workstations, MIDI (musical instrument / digital interface), and modular systems.

He has since moved on to a new project with a refined sound, evolved musical style, and revitalized creative direction. The change provided an opportunity to move forward with a fresh perspective - while still maintaining much of the original core concepts that took shape during his formative college years. More information will be disclosed at a later date...

voice_of_vision - artist

(photo : circa 2007)

Genres: industrial, avant-garde, dark electro, aggrotech, synth-punk, electro-industrial, dystopian sci-fi, tech noir, glitch art, cyberpunk, dark surrealism, sound art, new media art.

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